The Morpheus Quartet was founded in 2011 and unites four very different personalities and musical backgrounds. MinJung Kang and Wolfram Korr(alternatively 1st and 2nd violin), Chang-Yun Yoo (viola) and Uwe Hirth-Schmidt (cello) have in common all the things that you have read hundred times in soloist's CVs such as countless competition successes, collaboration with top performers and so on. But first of all, and that has to be the first motive why anybody with these qualifications would take on such a venturesome life, they share deep fascination for music.

Recently, the Braunschweiger Zeitung wrote: "everything fit perfectly - crystal clear intonation, perfect ensemble, refined piano passages as well as powerful dramatic eruptions".

As a member of the European Chamber Music Academy, they have worked with internationally reknown experts as Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartett), Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartett), Erich Höbarth (Quatuor Mosaïques), Hariolf Schlichtig (Cherubini Quartett), Ferenc Rados and have appeared in Vienna, Paris, Manchester, Vilnius and Berlin, among others.

This ensemble's approach is a little different from what you would usually expect from a string quartet. The Morpheus Quartet doesn't rehearse music to make it squeaky clean. Chamber music, and within that: string quartets, usually represent the peak of any composer's artistic skill. To find out everything about this unspeakable wealth is a lifelong process far beyond intonation, synchronisation and balance. And it's also about keeping it fresh, for the audience as well as for the performers. These maximes don't come without downsides as it is very difficult to accept the right of a coexisting but different opinion on a matter that is of utmost importance to oneself. And speaking of acceptance, just in case you actually do enjoy reading musician's biographies anyway, here are some key details about the Morpheus Quartet's members.